Bastille Restaurant & Wine Bar
1201 N. Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Tele: 703.519.3776
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The Chefs Poteaux philosophy draw their inspirations from France, California, Italy, Spain and of course Virginia.  

Their approach highlights the use of locally sourced ingredients representing the Virginia and mid-Atlantic region. The Chefs Poteaux take pains to source organic and sustainably raised produce. The restaurant regularly features humanely raised beef, pork and poultry from Smith Meadows Farm and Shenandoah Valley farms in Virginia, as well as, using local farmer’s markets, The Fresh Link and Tuscarora Organic Growers co-op to select locally grown fruits and vegetables at their seasonal peak. Cured meats, pates and sausages are handcrafted by master-charcutier, Jamie Stachowski of Stachowski Brand

The beverages program focus on wines, complimented with interesting choices in beer and house created cocktails. French wines are predominant, of course, but also other ‘food friendly’ vintages, which includes wines of Virginia.
These sample menus are subject to change without notice.
Due to unpredictable nature of the local harvest, some items may not be available.
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