Bastille Restaurant & Wine Bar
1201 N. Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314
Tele: 703.519.3776
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"For both of us, Bastille is a lifetime achievement and the culmination of a lifelong commitment to a fine culinary journey.  Forty years of combined experience in fine dining and bistro restaurants has made us stronger and better prepared for any challenges."
Christophe & Michelle Poteaux

Salvador Alvarez

"In my two decades-long career in kitchens, I have encountered very few cooks who have impressed me as much as Sal. Exceptionally talented, great palate, and an extremely hard working chef. But most of all, he's got the passion and the drive to always put out the best food for the guests. He is not satisfied with mediocrity. Never.
Salvador has been here since the opening... and he knows he's not allowed to quit! - just kidding.
In a few words, he is my right and my left arm." 
by Christophe Poteaux.
Mark Slater
​Mark Slater was born and raised in the area around New York City. His first restaurant job at age 16 was busboy/dishwasher. Mark moved to Washington, DC in 1977. He became Washington’s youngest maitre d’hotel while working at the Hay Adams Hotel at the age of 27. In 1984, Mark was hired as beverage director and then sommelier and maitre d’hotel of the renowned restaurant Jean-Louis at the Watergate and remained there for more than 7 years.  It was at Jean-Louis that Mark met Michel Richard, who later asked him to be the manager and sommelier at the soon to be opened Citronelle in 1993. 
Mark returned to Michel Richard Citronelle in 1998 and remained the Wine Director and Chef Sommelier for 11 years until 2009. While at Michel Richard Citronelle, Mark received the Prestigious James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Wine Service award in 2007. 
In 2009, Mark became the Wine Director for the Ray’s the Steaks group of restaurants. After a career of tasting and serving the world’s rarest and most expensive wines, it was at Ray’s the Steaks that Mark gained a real appreciation for, and talent for finding, well made small production country wines that offer great value and enjoyment. 
"Heart and Soul of Bastille"
Connect with Bastille
Nancy Sears
Thea Kromer
Thea is the newest addition to the Bastille Family as Bastille’s Guest Relation & Social Media Manager. She hails from the Virginia/DC area, having grown up just north of Alexandria in Arlington. After completing her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Georgia Tech in History, Technology & Society with a minor in International Affairs; she moved westward to Los Angeles. While in Los Angeles, she was provided with the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience within the upscale restaurant scene at The Little Door & Little Next Door in West LA. She began as a part time receptionist taking reservations before quickly moving her way up to Human Resource & Office Manager for The Little Door, Little Next Door and Acabar, helping oversee over 150 employees.  Since being provided with such rewarding & fulfilling opportunities, she has since fallen in love with all the various business aspects of the restaurant industry.
Nancy joined the Bastille Family in January of 2013 as Bastille's Assistant Manager. Nancy brings with her an extensive background in the upscale restaurant scene, having previously been a server, captain, trainer and manager at several upscale establishments across the Northern VA area.  Nancy discovered her passion for food and hospitality at a young age and has since been building her career for the past 20 years. Just prior to coming to Bastille, Nancy worked as the captain and trainer at the renowned Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria. We are ecstatic to have her join our Bastille Family.